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Types of Thai Visa:

Tourist Visa: This is a 30 or 60-day Visa  that can either be a multiple or single entry and can be extended for up to another 30 days. If you wish to extend longer than 30 days, you can convert the visa to a Non-Immigrant Visa which will require you to go to the nearby city or country such us Penang or  Kuala Lumpur.

Non-Immigrant Visa: This is normally a single entry visa , valid for 90 days. Like the tourist visa, you can extend your stay by going to the border or nearby city/country. Obtaining a work permit and opening a bank account is possible.

One Year Non-Immigrant Visa: This visa is often a Multiple Entry Visa, valid for use for a period of 1 year. You are allowed to stay 90 days per entry which means, every 90 days, you will have to go to border and have your visa stamped at the immigration.

Marriage Visa and Retirement Visa: There is no direct application for these two types of Visa. However, it is not  a complicated process, as long as you meet  the financial requirements for the application.

How to obtain a Marriage Visa in Thailand? You must  be married to a Thai National. Otherwise, if you want a Retirement Visa in Thailand, you need to be 50 years old or above.
The process is as follows:. First step, you obtain a non-immigrant visa. Next, convert the non-immigrant visa to either Marriage Visa or Retirement Visa. These are the visa types that will allow you to stay in Thailand for the whole 1 year (renewable) without going to the border or not leaving the kingdom anymore at all.

Business Visa: This visa is specially designed for people who want to do business  in Thailand. It is also known as Non-Immigrant Business Visa. You can get a work permit, open a bank account however you still need to do a visa run every 90 days.

Permanent Resident Visa: To qualify for this visa, you must have stayed in Thailand for 3 consecutive years, with the one-year-visa extensions. If you are married to a Thai for 5 years, you must be earning 30,000 Baht/month. If you are single, your  monthly income should be 80,000 THB. You  present your three years of personal tax statements, proving the above-stated income requirements to qualify for a Permanent Resident Visa in Thailand.

Disclaimer:  The above information is meant for guidance purposes only, ​Phuket One Real Estate strongly advises you to take independent legal advice regarding any Visa requirements and cannot be held liable for any personal legal or visa issues.





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